Anakin turning point thingy

I have no reason for writing a well... paragraph... like this but I did anyway. Its about Anakins thoughts in Star Wars III when he has screamed 'No' after finding out he killed Padme. Maybe I should put it on fanfiction net? please comment :p Collapse )
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Chp.1.5 of Menage

Here it is, the last part of chp. 1 mind you. I really really do have a plot for this story, which is making me feel very happy, although my plot includes some things that remind me of other stories I have read, which makes me sad indeed. I really wanted it to be very original. Here is chp. 1.5
Collapse ) teehe its getting long already :) I shall probably post it on when I am done and only then, because when people from sites like those comment, I get suggestions for plot and get lost and confused. but, please comment on the rest, and hellbretheren, this time, write it here. :)
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Chp.1 of Menage

OK so i decided to write a book. Hopefully it won't be too long, and I shall actually finish it. Here is the first part.

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Like it? Hate it? comment.
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This is a picture I *made* kinda. The dragons were provided by some very helpful google searched images, but I made the center and the writing, and the tip of the wing and part of the fire. Enjoy :)
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